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Welcome to DM Gaming

Welcome to DM Gaming forums. We are a community focused on hosting multiple events for everything Deathmatch in Age of Empires II. Have a look around and enjoy!

The Awakening

The Awakening tournament is a 2v2 tournament that will be played on Age of Empires II: HD Edition. Teams will be tested thoroughly as they will not only play on Green Arabia, but several different maps as well.

Master of the Axe

The Master of the Axe is a tournament that will test a players skill with the civilization, Franks. The tournament will be using Zone Rules, meaning that players who are reliant on siege will need to come up with new strategies to defeat their opponents. 


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      Support for any Age of Empires II related issues.

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  3. Tournaments

    1. The Awakening

      Tournament Details: 2v2 DM Tournament to be played on Steam

    2. Master of the Axe

      Singles (1v1) Frank Tournament to be played on Voobly