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  1. C’mon chino.. man up and commit to the fight! Grrrr
  2. Just realised dead line is tomorrow. I will be away. Logging online now can play tonight gmt 11pm - Thursday gmt 2am
  3. Hi Sab, I can play anytime between 2200 - 0200 gmt fri/sat or sat/sun 5th/6th/7th. Let me know if this suits
  4. Will be a bit late, should get online at 15:30gmt
  5. Hi LSD, I should be able to play today Sun 24th at 1500gmt. Let me know if that’s good. Cheers
  6. 10:30pm gmt 3/21/19 would be perfect, see you then 👍
  7. I am uk GMT+0 and will be available to play midnight 1200am -3am GMT on 16th or 17th.
  8. Too many trees on this map, could the map DMWC_GA be adapted and used? This is the map frank war players use mostly
  9. Valefar_ rate: 1600 https://www.voobly.com/profile/view/125167626 GMT +00:00
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