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  1. what are u talking about ur so weird why would i play at 6am my time im not barakah
  2. if u want sunday then 6 my time i will be online pal dont get ur panties twisted
  3. ok i will bash u on sunday like 6 my time or something
  4. I'm not a Franks War player myself, yet I will play Franks War because of its popular amongst those that are active. If a tournament was hosted that only attracted a niche base and lets say you only had 5-10 people apply for the tournament, then that wouldn't be fun or feasible, so it's easy to see why others might dismiss your suggestion. As it is, we're already running on a bear bones player base. We should be grateful to Chino for putting something like this together in the first place. I'm not saying that you are under appreciating what he does, I don't know you. But sometimes people forget the time and effort that goes into these things. It's easier to point the finger and say 'it could be better', yet many don't then proactively host something alternate on their preferred client. I hear what you're saying, though; a little variety can be enjoyable. The trick is balancing players preferences against those that are both active and competitive. Competitive play was born on MSN Gaming Zone and later transferred to Voobly. This happened long before HD arrived on the scene, so it will likely remain the preferred choice.
  5. DM in HD is a completely different game, but I’m still not sure how useful this guide is in practical terms! It could use a little more explanation. What if the enemy plays defensively too? What are the most common challenges or considerations during a game? Explanations are always good. 🙂 😆 Yes, TAB is real!
  6. you might play better if you weren’t ^^
  7. Voobly Name: _ANiMoSiTY Highest Current Voobly DM 1v1 Rating: 2047 Voobly Profile Link: https://www.voobly.com/profile/view/24417 Timezone: GMT +00.00
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