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  1. Hey man. Sorry been on a business trip. Now flexible. Are you on tomorrow? What time zone are you? Cheers!
  2. Hola. Puedes hoy? El martes por la tarde GMT, te viene bien?
  3. Yoyo. What About today or tomorrow? Im CET but flexible during the Weekend. Just my night time is bad so if you are pacific time approx lets play in your morning time. what do you say?
  4. we have agreed on thursday 12 CET
  5. lets do it. Wednesday 20.03. 3 pm CET
  6. hey man. back in town. when can we play this?
  7. Name: StoNed Current rating: 1700 profile link: https://www.voobly.com/profile/view/124186073 Timezone: GMT+1
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