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  1. Hey man, Not a problem - I hope that you enjoyed the trip. I am from Toronto Canada (EST) - I can play after 5PM tomorrow or Saturday most of the day. Let me know what time best works for you and we can set/confirm a time. Best, Taf
  2. Hello, Unfortunately I will not be available today or tomorrow at those times. Can we play Sunday or Monday? Please let me know. Taf.
  3. Hello Brother, I am free from 9:00PM to 4:00AM GMT most days of the next 2 weeks. Tell when you are available to play round 2. Taf.
  4. https://www.voobly.com/match/view/19490101
  5. Lets do it Tomorrow, Tuesday at 2:00PM? Let me know if that works with you.
  6. Hello, I can play this Sunday around 9-10PM EST or most evenings around 10:00PM EST. Let me know time best works for you. Taf.
  7. Voobly Name: TaFraOuTz  Highest Current Voobly DM 1v1 Rating: 1580 Voobly Profile Link: https://www.voobly.com/profile/view/125211473 Timezone: (GMT-5)
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